Live Recordings Vol. 1


Released in 2010 this album contains a collection of live recordings made by the band between 2005 and 2010. It includes a couple of Latin influence praise psalms that are unique to this recording and which could not be captured any other way than with all the vibrancy and energy of the live concert.

Inevitably the various Psalms recorded on each of the albums evolve as they are played by the band year after year and that evolution is captured on this album. Many of the psalms feature richer arrangements which will be a refreshing alternative to those who are already familiar with the studio material. There is something about the live performance that cannot be reproduced in the studio and this album captures some of the best live moments of half a decade. The title suggests that it won’t be the last Live album that Sons of Korah will release and already since then the band has been collecting some great live recordings for another volume which they will release some time in the years to come.

This CD is packaged with our full length LIVE DVD filmed in Victoria in 2006 which contains the following Psalms: 125, 121, 32, 14, 123, 73, 93, 128, 148, 137, 80, 95, 17, 126, 117, 147b and 130


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