Thrive [Aug-Oct21] Joshua, Judges, Ruth, Samuel – Light in the Darkness


In this issue of Thrive we will be following the amazing journey of the children of Israel, under the leadership of Joshua, into the promised land. The story of the conquest of the promised land holds many profound spiritual lessons for those who want to live a victorious life. The same is true of the story of Israel’s apostacy during the period of the judges. What these stories highlight is the faithfulness of God despite human failure. This theme is highlighted as we turn to the book of Ruth and Samuel. Join us, then, as we continue our journey through the Bible in the Old Testament books of Joshua, Judges, Ruth and Samuel.
Listen to the Thrive Deeper Podcast – an ongoing conversation with Dr Matthew Jacoby as we go deeper into the Bible, discussing the passages as we read them together with Thrive.

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