Redemption Songs


Released in November 2000 Redemption Songs contains a memorable and emotive collection of psalms. The band jokingly call it their ‘greatest hits’ album because of the popularity of so many of the songs amongst their listeners.

Redemption Songs is a diverse and dynamic album that covers a range of different genres of psalms, some intense and turbulent and others peaceful and reflective. It retains a very organic acoustic sound undergirded by the mournful tones of the double bass. It was on Redemption Songs that Sons of Korah began to feature more of the blended multi-ethnic elements including the haunting Arabic flavoured sound that has become characteristic of the Sons of Korah style. The instrumental palette on this album is broad giving richer and more dynamic expression to the various psalms. The album is richly melodic but restrained in its production which gives it a lot of sensitivity and soul. The Album includes Psalms 137, 63, 121, 117, 24, 32, 148, 40, 130 and 126.

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