Light of Life


The first full length album from Sons of Korah – Light of Life – is a very raw and energetic album with a dynamic mix of psalms. From the turbulent battle cry of Psalm 56 with its concluding triumphant anthem from which the album title is taken to the moving reflective lament of Psalm 6. The album was recorded analogue on reel-to-reel largely live in the studio so it is has a very vibrant sound to it. It begins with a bowed double bass solo and ends with a ballad called “It’s over now” based on Paul’s words in his second letter to Timothy. Apart from this song the whole album is of course devoted to the psalms including Psalms 56, 116, 93, 15, 6, 59 and some sections of 103. Light of life set the tone for both the Sons of Korah sound and the focus of the project. The first release of albums were packaged with a booklet of reflections on the different genres of the psalms. The music is acoustic but full of instrumental flavouring. The songs are vocally driven and emotive giving a very passionate voice to the words of the psalmists. The compositions are often out-of-the-box structured in sections and oriented around the text.

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