The Collection


Every Need
Never Let Go
Walkin’ on the Water
Number One
Wake the Earth
Be Thou My Vision
Fairest Lord Jesus
Beyond Measure
My Eyes Are Dry
My Child

Anna Waters has been prolific as an emerging solo artist with her releases over the past 18 months, reaching top 20 status on the Australian Christian Music Chart.

Sunshine (#12 ), Every Need (#9), Walkin’ on the Water (#13)
Anna was 16 when she was pointed out on stage at a youth event and told that God would use her voice for healing. That moment and many like it would encourage what God had already started in her. She knew that music was going to be a tool that she could use to point people towards God’s transformational love.
Her artistry has seen her lead worship for over a decade at her home church, at various conferences and events, join the band Sons of Korah, and then, in 2016, release her debut EP.
Late 2019 saw Anna collaborate with a number of songwriters to craft a fresh collection of songs with a diverse range of indie pop, ballad and gospel elements.
Following the release of Sunshine – which reached No. 12 in the Australian Christian Music Chart – Every Need also made the Top 10 with a high of #9 in the Australian Christian Music Chart, her Christmas song Wake the Earth has been played across radio in both Australia, Europe and the USA.
Anna’s lyrics point towards God’s hope and his love that changes everything. Her music is for everyone, whether you clearly see God in the stories, or hear lyrics of hope that are yet to be personally experienced.
“I wrote these songs hoping to spark curiosity in people who identify as ‘spectators of the faith’. I want everyone to feel that my music is not only accessible but a whole lot of fun too. God meets us where we are at, so why shouldn’t music.”
Anna studied music at tertiary level and now works as a music therapist in hospitals, psych wards, schools and with clients in their homes. She often finds herself sitting beside palliative patients,  singing and making music for them in their last moments of life. She finds this work to be incredibly humbling and serves as a reminder that God continues to use her music for healing.

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