Deep (Single)


There are seasons in our lives where, at times, we feel we’re just not good enough. Maybe you’ve thought that you’re just too far gone for God to be able to accept you. You’re just too far way from God and in too deep. Deep is a song expressing the reality that we don’t need to strive and be perfect before we come to God. In fact, that would mean that Jesus’ sacrifice for us was pointless. Our failures, our turning away from God and His ways and purpose – that’s what Jesus died for, so that we are excepted fully by God. Jesus sees us, He really sees us – the real, broken us. And if we accept Him, He reaches down to us and pulls us out from the deep, from those dark places that we try so hard to hide in. We often believe the lies that say ‘there’s no coming back from here’ or ‘ if you just change this or adjust that then others will love you’ but God says, ‘I’ll take you however you come and I’ll remind you of who you’re made to be. When I made you, you weren’t too little or too much, you were …enough’.

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