Released in March 2005 Resurrection was a fresh collection of Psalm adaptations from Sons of Korah. It builds on the multi-ethnic sound with some fresh instrumentation and an overall brighter feel to it.

One of the differences with this album is that it was produced by a different partnership. All of the other albums before and after this have been produced by Matt Jacoby and Rod Gear who also share the song writing. Rod was absent for this one working on his solo instrumental album, Barak. Jayden had joined the band a year earlier and now collaborated with Matt to produce Resurrection. He also wrote half the material on the album. The result is something fresh and new for the band. The jubilant psalm 95 was an immediate favourite with listeners as was the catchy nylon string led Psalm 17. The album also includes Psalms 125, 69, 52, 67, 147, 80, 131, and 65. It also includes two instrumental tracks called Selah #1 and #2 respectively.

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